Fa Hai 950

Design no162
Design name Fa Hai 950
Length 9.50 m
Beam3.10 m
Type of yachtCruiser / Racer
Building material Composite
Boatyard Trust Yachts
Design Philosophie

The Fa Hai 950 is a fast cruising sailing yacht, built in light materials. The cockpit has good seats with backrests for cruising with the family, but there’s also enough space to race with the boat. The jib can be furled with an underdeck furler which makes it possible to keep the tack low and otherwise while cruising the jib can be furled away. A fixed gennakerboom makes it simple to set the gennaker.

The interior is simple, effective and spacious. The galley can slide and is normally stowed away under the cockpit. In front of the seats a spacious head makes it possible to go to the toilet in privat. The Fa Hai 950 has 4 sleeping places.

The keelfin is made of steel and the bulb is made of lead, which makes the Fa Hai 950 safe and fast.