Introduction of new Saffier Se24 Lite


Saffier Yachts is very proud to announce a new model. The Saffier Se 24 Lite will be the latest model in the range of elegance daysailers. The worldpremiere of this new model will be at BOOT Düsseldorf starting on 21st of January 2023.

The Saffier Se 24 Lite
A sailing yacht which is in full content with the environment of today. An electric propulsion system which is charged 24/7 by the integrated solar panels. A sailing yacht which can be rigged up or down in a blink of an eye. Easily transportable and can be launched off a trailer or hoisted out of the water by a single hoist lifting point.
And last but not least, the ultimate sailing experience, single handed, with family or racing at full speed. Meet the new great looking Saffier Se 24 Lite.

Introduction film

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