Entries by Kees van de Stadt

December 2003: Beluga

There’s an order for the Beluga 40 (design no. 137). The concept shall be equal as the Beluga 46. The building of the Beluga 40 will be started in August 2004 at the boatyard Bood Jachtbouw BV in Nijkerk.

September 2003: Beluga

The dutch boatyard ‘Bood Jachtbouw’ started the building of a 46ft sailing yacht, the Beluga 46 (design no. 130). This Beluga 46 is designed as a fast, comfortable long-distance cruiser. The composite hull is constructed with core-cell and glass⁄epoxy laminates inside and outside. The building method is equal as the woodcore method, but saves a […]

June 2003: Titan

At the moment, boatyard ‘van Workum Arnhem BV’ is building the Titan 1020. Just like the earlier presented Titan 910, the Titan 1020 is a plywood sailing yacht which can be delivered in various stages of completion. The Titan 1020 is designed by Satellite Yacht Design⁄ Kees van de Stadt and the sales will be handled by Titan […]

June 2003: Titan

The Titan 910 (design no. 118) has her maiden trip in Zeewolde and achieves as expected. With a windspeed of 20 knots, the Titan 910 is easily sailing upwind with 7 knots.