Entries by Kees van de Stadt

March 2003: Satellite

Satellite 44 ‘Emma’ is launched in Gent (Belgium). After rigging by Holland Spar in Terneuzen, the maiden trip is made to Scheveningen and the day after to Amsterdam. Words of the owner: “Een jongensdroom wordt werkelijkheid. Nadat het lijnenspel van Kees van de Stadt in zijn Impact 37 ons al had gecharmeerd en wij de […]

March 2003: Woodpeckers

At the Hiswa boatshow, the building of 20 ‘woodpeckers’ is started. Twenty dutch families have to build a 2.50m plywood sailing boat, designed bij Satellite Yacht Design ⁄ Kees van de Stadt in three days. The project is organised bij the ANWB.

December 2002: Titan

Both literally and figuratively speaking the Titan 910 is more than just a pretty picture. Jachtwerf van Workum Arnhem BV has recently started building the first Titan 910, designed by Satellite Yacht Design (Kees van de Stadt). The kit, which consists of approximately 400 plywood and solid wooden parts and glued together with epoxy, can […]