December 2002: Titan

Both literally and figuratively speaking the Titan 910 is more than just a pretty picture. Jachtwerf van Workum Arnhem BV has recently started building the first Titan 910, designed by Satellite Yacht Design (Kees van de Stadt). The kit, which consists of approximately 400 plywood and solid wooden parts and glued together with epoxy, can be delivered in various stages of completion.

Titan Sail

Just as the Titan 1020, the Titan 910 is a fast and competitive sailing yacht that can be easily handled by a small crew, offering comfortable accommodation to four to six persons. The standard version of the Titan 910 features a lead bulb keel with a draught of 1.60 m, suspended to a steel frame. Extra attention has been paid to the finish of the interior, whose chique atmosphere is the result of standard frames, hinges, locks and handles.

Titan Yachts is a unique joint venture of Cabra Yachting in Zeewolde and Jachtwerf van Workum Arnhem BV. Satellite Yacht Design (Kees van de Stadt) is the exclusieve designer of the Titan yachts, while sales are handled by Cabra Yachting. With the new Titan 910 the range currently consists of two yachts: the 1020 and the 910. The development of a new daysailer with a length of 6.10 meter is well underway. Plans for a line of Titans ranging from an 800 model up to a 1240 one are also currently being developed.

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