April 11th, 2013 / Aelicia 77 launched

The Aelicia 77 (design 146) is launched in Medemblik (the Netherlands) and will be rigged this week. The Aelicia is built in composite and has a lifting keel and a carbon mast with a furling boom. www.jachtbouwvels.com.

March 12th 2009: Aelicia

The hull of the Aelicia is turned and the temporarily frames are removed.

November 19th 2008: Aelicia

The moulds for the hull of the Aelicia 77 (design 146) are prepared by shipyard Vels in Medemblik.

June 12th 2008: Aelicia

In August 2008 the first building frames of the Aelicia 75 will be set up. The yacht will be built by Jachtwerf Vels & Partners in composite and vacuum injected.