April 17th 2010: Falcon

The Zilt published a nice travelogue of the Job (design 139) which made a wonderful trip along the coast of Chili.


Januari 27th 2010: Falcon

From the south of Argentina, the owner of the Job (Falcon 44) sent us an email. The Job is making a trip around the world and will sail the next month along the coast of Chili.

June 22th 2007: Falcon

The Falcon 44 (design no.139) is launched on July 21st. The yacht is built in composite and has a retractable keel. The building started in October 2004 and the whole project is done by an ‘amateur’ builder. The result is a professionally built yacht with traditional lines and up-to-date sailing characteristics. The Falcon 44 will make her first sailing trips in August.

December 28th 2005: Falcon

The Falcon 44, which will be build at the moment in composite with a retractable keel, is designed with an alternative general layout.

Download folder Falcon 44

September 2005: Falcon

September 16th, the outside hull of the Falcon 44 is vacuum injected. This project is escorted by “Polyworx” and “Stichting Maritiem Kenniscentrum”. The amateur builder built and shaped the corecell hull and laid the glassfibre according the laminate scheme and the professionals has vacuum inject the outside hull in one day.

October 2004: Falcon

The building frames of the Falcon 44 (project 139) are set up and at the moment the planking of the core cell is started. In- and outside of the hull will be vacuum injected. The composite deck will be build simultaneous with the hull.

June 2004: Falcon

The first lines of the Falcon 44 are almost finished. Linesplan, deckplan and sailplan are ready. The Falcon 44 is designed with a retractable liftkeel.