The Saffier Se33 Life is launched

At the beginning of October, the Saffier Se33 Life was launched and the first sea trials took place. After the Saffier Se37 Lounge and Saffier Se27 Leisure, the Saffier Se33 Life is the latest boat in the range designed by Satellite Yacht Design and Dean and Dennis Hennevanger. The result is a recognizable daysailer, which can easily be sailed by one person, but which also has everything for sporty and comfortable sailing.

The Saffier Se33 Life is, as described above, a continuation of the Se37 and Se27, but again with new gadgets, such as an integrated folding anchor and an integrated retractable swim ladder. Furthermore, all gadgets are also present on this boat, such as all halyards and trim lines below deck to central winches in the cockpit, a good comfortable seat behind the steering wheels, cup holders, a refrigerator flush mounted in the aft deck, a spacious entrance to the cabin and the chic spacious interior, where every comfort is present, such as a refrigerator, espresso machine, a 1-burner electric cooking facility, a sink, a toilet and good seats and beds. Indirect lighting provides an atmospheric ambiance in both the cockpit and the interior.

There are two interior versions, the couple version and the family version. One has a closed toilet room and a galley at the cabin entrance and the rest is completely open. The other version has a galley by the main bulkhead, with a toilet aft of the galley.

The Saffier Se33 has been nominated for European Boat of the Year, for which the boat will be tested by the international press in the autumn in Barcelona. All information about the Saffier Se33 can be found on the Saffier Yachts website.

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