Charlotte for sale

In 2010, the Charlotte was launched and since then the yacht sailed hundreds of miles in Europe. The yacht is built in composite by Pijnen Jachtbouw in Tholen and is a nice compromise between classic lines and modern structure and lines beneath the waterline. Most of the miles were sailed solo and the Charlotte is very easy to handle.

The owner asks 140.000 euro for the 41ft Charlotte.

The Charlotte 41 has a classic appearance, but is furthermore totally high-tech. It is a safe, comfortable and fast sailing yacht, designed by Satellite Yacht Design. The hull and rigging are calculated and designed with the most modern stability and prediction programs. The hull of the Charlotte 41 exists of a standard sandwich construction with a ‘core cell’ foam core and a glass/epoxy laminate on the inside and outside.

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June 18th 2011: Charlotte

In edition 12, the Dutch ‘Waterkampioen’ published a great article with beautiful pictures of the Charlotte (design 148). There is also a bigger sister, namely a 45ft Charlotte (design 110).

April 10th 2010: Charlotte

The Charlotte (design 148) had the first trials. The yacht has a classic look, but is sailing like a modern yacht. The helmsman and crew are protected in the deep cockpit and the deck is and looks spacious.

March 4th 2010: Charlotte

The Charlotte is launched in Tholen and will be rigged in the next weeks.

Februari 12th 2010: Charlotte

The Charlotte is almost finished and will make the first trials in March ⁄ April 2010.

March 12th 2009: Charlotte

By Pijnen Jachtbouw in Tholen, the yard which is building the Charlotte 48, the deck is placed on the hull. This gives a clear picture of the in- and exterior. In the coming weeks, the cockpit and cabin will be covered with wood, and the boat will be finished. You can visit by appointment the Charlotte 48 in Tholen. After launching, the Waterkampioen will write an article about the Charlotte.

June 12th 2008: Charlotte

The deck of the Charlotte 41 (design 148) is laminated and at the moment the yard is building the cabin and cockpit. Cabinsides will be finished with a mahogany veneer.

December 10th 2007: Charlotte

The hull of the Charlotte 41 will be build at the moment by Adrie Pijnen Jachtbouw. The building kit of the Icon 48 is finished and the building by “K & M Yachtbuilders” will start in Januari 2008.

June 22th 2007: Charlotte

The preliminary design of the Charlotte 41 (design no.148) is finished. The Charlotte 41 is a traditional sailing yacht but will be built in high tech composites. The Charlotte 41 is the smaller sister of the Charlotte 45 (design no. 110). The building will start in October by ‘Adrie Pijnen Jachtbouw’.