Charlotte for sale

In 2010, the Charlotte was launched and since then the yacht sailed hundreds of miles in Europe. The yacht is built in composite by Pijnen Jachtbouw in Tholen and is a nice compromise between classic lines and modern structure and lines beneath the waterline. Most of the miles were sailed solo and the Charlotte is very easy to handle.

The owner asks 140.000 euro for the 41ft Charlotte.

The Charlotte 41 has a classic appearance, but is furthermore totally high-tech. It is a safe, comfortable and fast sailing yacht, designed by Satellite Yacht Design. The hull and rigging are calculated and designed with the most modern stability and prediction programs. The hull of the Charlotte 41 exists of a standard sandwich construction with a ‘core cell’ foam core and a glass/epoxy laminate on the inside and outside.

Further information: Please contact us for visiting or further information.


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