December 23th 2008: Ten

The prototype of the ‘TEN’ (design 147) is ready and is currently being transported to the Netherlands.

November 6th 2008: Ten

Last week, I visited the yard in China. The moulds and the prototype of the ‘TEN’ (design 147) are almost finished and now the yard should focus on the details. The complex composite work, where the yard vacuum-injected the epoxy laminate with a vinylester gelcoat, looks good. At the moment the yard is finishing the stainless steel equipment, keel and rudder.

May 5th 2008: Ten

We just visited the yard in China, where the Ten (design 147) will be built at the moment. The goal was to check the moulds and to discuss a lot of details. It was nice to see that the yard owner and his crew were very motivated and capable. The first trials are expected in August 2008.

Februari 19th 2008: Ten

The specifications and price of the ‘TEN’ are on the website ‘‘.

December 27th 2007: Ten

Mid-December, the management of ‘Expect Sailing’ signed a contract in China for the serial production of the ‘Ten’ (design no. 147). The yacht will be built in a composite sandwich⁄epoxy construction and will be delivered with a carbon mast including PBO rigging.