Nadine Göhring, an Industrial Designer

Nadine Göhring is a 24 years old student and she’s currently studying Industrial Design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Pforzheim. She’s doing her traineeship at Satellite Yacht design because she wants to learn the whole process of a sailboat designer.

Besides she makes nice renderings and sketches for a few projects, she is making a new design for a 28-30ft sailing yacht. The goal is not to design a conservative boat, but a modern design with different dynamic lines and without the ballast of a yacht designer.

Her goal is to provide sailers supreme comfort with sufficient daylight in a cozy atmosphere whether inside or outside. I want to design a contrast to the previously existing sailboats. Most seats offer not enough comfort and the space inside appears too dark because of insufficient light.

Her first lines were spectacular and we will follow her process.



Orion 49 built by Alubouw Fryslan

This week, we completed the contracts for the design and building of two aluminum Orion 49’s. The hull construction will take place at Alubouw Fryslan in Franeker. The Orion 49 is a smaller version of the Orion 54, with the same layout and appearance. The second Orion 49 will have a different deck, another cockpit and another interior.


Januari, 8th 2015 / Innovation

The last months we invested a lot of time, money and energy in new design programs. The last ten years we designed a lot of yachts with the same tools. First we changed from surface modelling to solid modelling. Both are 3d tools, but the solid modelling corresponds more closely to the 3d printing and also the weight calculation is more accurate. Read more

August 26th, 2013 / Hiswa 2013

On the Hiswa boatshow in Amsterdam (Sept 3th-8th), the Aelicia 77 will be present at the stand of Vels Jachtbouw, stand nr. E12.

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April 11th, 2013

For an Asian client we made a preliminary design for a 12.10 meter fast motoryacht.

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June 4th






For the DC41 and sailing yachts in general, we have tested various hull shapes. We calculated the performance of a round bilge hull and a single chined hull, as we see in the Volvo Ocean Race. It was obvious that there’s a big benefit downwind for lightweight racers, but what’s the advantage for a racer⁄cruiser in short races and what does the IRC with the single chined hull?


April 17th 2010: Admirals Tender Sport

We made a new design for the Admirals Tender Sport. The original linesplan is designed by Van de Stadt Design and we designed a new deck and installation (220 pk Volvo). The boat is built in the Netherlands by Jachtbouw Vels & Partners in Medemblik. During the trials the boatspeed was easily 31 kts. There was no difference btween a crew of 6 or 2 persons.

Januari 1st 2010

2009 was a good and special year for ‘Bands’ with a lot of nice projects. Besides the designing we cooperated in a boatyard and now we’re also building composite yachts. This development was a good opportunity for our company. At the moment we’re building the 77ft ‘Aelicia’ and the Admiral’s Tender Sport.