Orion / Gebroeders van Enkhuizen

From 1 April the ‘Gebroeders van Enkhuizen’ are the exclusive builders of the Orion yachts. At the moment, there are three versions of the Orion. The original Orion 54 was later reduced to the Orion 49 and it was built in two versions. A deck saloon (cruiser) version was delivered in 2017 and a version with a smaller structure (explorer) will be launched this month. The ‘Gebroeders van Enkhuizen’ is a renowned family business and is best known for the ‘Noordkaper’. Website Gebroeders van Enkhuizen


TEN, 1, 2 and 3 in ORC3 Hainan Regatta

During the Hainan regatta 2019, the TEN finished first, second and third in the ORC3 class.

Deck and Interior Mould of Solitair 28

The company Nedcam milled the moulds for the deck and interior of the Solitair 28. We supplied these moulds, including all gutters, recesses for hatches and all details for deckhardware to Nedcam.

RSC1900 / Prefab Interior

In Makkum, they work hard on the phasing out of the RSC1900. The exterior has been painted, the installations installed for 80% and the prefab interior also finds its way inside. As soon as all the large modules have been installed, the windows can be glued into the superstructure. The goal is to rig the RSC1900 in the spring 2019 and sail to the Cannes boat show.

DC15 in China

In 2012 we designed a 15ft sportboat for the Chinese market. It was to early and the boat was to sportive. Now is the time the Chinese discover the advantages of this boat.

Nominated for European Yacht of the Year 2019

The chief editors of twelve leading yacht magazines in Europe have announced the nominations for the European yacht of the year 2019. We are proud to announce that the Saffier Se37, will be one of the nominees in the category special yachts. It is wonderful to be far above the target in terms of sales and to see that the sailors likes the saffier Se37, but it is also nice that the professionals find the boat innovative, well sailing and good looking. In August and October, the jury will test in Sweden and Barcelona with the nominated yachts and the winner will be announced at the Dusseldorf Boatshow 2019.

Website Busseldorf Boatshow / Article European Yacht of the Year 2019


Yachting World Aug 2018 / Saffier Se37

After the beautiful article about the RSC1900 in the Yachting World of June 2018, there is a beautiful article in the Yachting World again. It is a test of the Saffier Se37 and the article is no less than 8 pages long. The magazine is now in the store. Also all other European magazines have written positive articles about the Saffier Se37 and the sale of this innovative yacht is far above expectations.
Although the Saffier Se37 is a fast cruiser, the yacht appears to do also well in a race. During the ‘Ronde om Noord-Holland’ in the dualhanded class, the yacht was the fastest in sailing time with 16-24kts of wind. Due to a mistake at the third start in Kornwerderzand, the Saffier finished third on handicap.


Hainan Regatta 2017

From 17 to 25 March, the Hainan-regatta is sailed near and round the Chinese island. The races are part inshore and part offshore. The offshore race is a race around the island with a stopover in Sanya. Three Ten’s (design 147) were racing, and team Yomovo (San Ya You Mu Hu) and team Sunrise (SMW) both finished second in their class IRC3 and IRC5. https://www.yacht-design.nl/designs/ten/







Hainan regatta 2017 on the Ten. Reaching 12-16 knots

Geplaatst door Martin Hingst op vrijdag 31 maart 2017

Aluminium Casco Orion 49 / Explorer ready

The boatyard Alubouw in Franeker has finished the second aluminium casco of the Orion 49. The hull, keel and sailplan are the same as the first Orion 49 / Cruiser (design 169). The deck, cabin, deckhouse, cockpit, transom and interior are different form the 1st Orion 49.

Start Construction Orion 49 by Alubouw Fryslan

In Franeker started Alubouw Fryslan (http://www.alubouwfryslan.nl/) the construction of the Orion 49. In a few weeks the construction of the second Orion 49 will also start. The second orion is different form the first boat. The hull, the rig and the keel are similar, but the interior and the deck are different.