December 1st 2008

Keith Austin of the ‘South Pacific boat Company’ is the new agent of Satellite Yacht Design in Australia and New Zealand. South Pacific Boat Company will be providing a quality service of marketing and sales to the amateur and professional Yacht Builder of yacht Kits and yacht plans designed exclusively by Satellite Yacht Design(Kees Van de Stadt). South Pacific Boat Company will be the exclusive agents for Satellite Yacht Designs plans and kits in Australia and New Zealand as well as the nearby Pacific Island of the Southern Pacific region.

November 10th 2008

For a dutchman in Indonesia, we designed a new 10m sloop (design 150). The sloop has the same characteristics as the ‘Quaestor’ and the ‘Falcon’. A 40kW engine is located in the aft and in the front is a double berth and a small interior.

October 12th 2007

The sales of the ‘Crest Yachts’ is taken over by Kolibri Jachtbouw. This yard allready had some wooden building kits of the famous Kolibri yachts.

For information and prices, please contact the yard.

September 6th 2007

Project 149 is a 60 feet aluminium yacht and will be built by “K & M Yachtbuilders” in Makkum. The design will be finished and the building will start in August 2008.

Januari 30th 2007

Project 147 is after project 142 and 144 the third sportboat in line.

Januari 15th 2007

Project 144 is started in Januari 2007 at ‘Adrie Pijnen Jachtbouw’.

July 30th 2006

The length of the designs is growing and for the next month we agreed to design a 75 feet sailing yacht (project 146).

Xstream (design no. 144)

January 2006, we started the development of a spectacular sportboat. The first studies are finished and the result will be an extreme design.

June 2005

Shipyard Klaas Bood in Nijkerk has closed her doors after more as twenty years. Because a lack of assignments, bankruptcy seems to be unavoidable. The Beluga 40 is transported to Schaap Ship Care in Lelystad, where the building of the Beluga 40 will be finished.

April 2005

In May, the design of 45ft composite cruiser⁄racer will start. Some demands for this new design are; high performance, composite hull and deck, fin keel with a draft of 2.40m, open cocpit, twin wheel configuration, teak deck and carbon spars.