RSC1900 almost finished

The RSC1900 is nearing completion. The RSC1900 will be launched this summer. the interior is being finalized at the moment.

Saffier Se37

Saffier maritiem delivered the Saffier Se37 in a new color to  a Swiss customer. It was also the first production boat of this type. The last month, Saffier maritiem optimized all the moulds and can deliver the next month all the Se37’s which are ordered.

Orion / Gebroeders van Enkhuizen

From 1 April the ‘Gebroeders van Enkhuizen’ are the exclusive builders of the Orion yachts. At the moment, there are three versions of the Orion. The original Orion 54 was later reduced to the Orion 49 and it was built in two versions. A deck saloon (cruiser) version was delivered in 2017 and a version […]

TEN, 1, 2 and 3 in ORC3 Hainan Regatta

During the Hainan regatta 2019, the TEN finished first, second and third in the ORC3 class.

Deck and Interior Mould of Solitair 28

The company Nedcam milled the moulds for the deck and interior of the Solitair 28. We supplied these moulds, including all gutters, recesses for hatches and all details for deckhardware to Nedcam.

RSC1900 / Prefab Interior

In Makkum, they work hard on the phasing out of the RSC1900. The exterior has been painted, the installations installed for 80% and the prefab interior also finds its way inside. As soon as all the large modules have been installed, the windows can be glued into the superstructure. The goal is to rig the […]

DC15 in China

In 2012 we designed a 15ft sportboat for the Chinese market. It was to early and the boat was to sportive. Now is the time the Chinese discover the advantages of this boat.