The Saffier Se33 Life is launched

At the beginning of October, the Saffier Se33 Life was launched and the first sea trials took place. After the Saffier Se37 Lounge and Saffier Se27 Leisure, the Saffier Se33 Life is the latest boat in the range designed by Satellite Yacht Design and Dean and Dennis Hennevanger. The result is a recognizable daysailer, which […]

Sine Metu 41 / Turning of the Hull

Last week in Sneek the hard chine hull of the Sine Metu 41 was turned at Koopmans Kasko’s. This 41-footer is designed by Satellite Yacht Design and delivered completely in 3d drawing to a company that converted the parts into a plate package. Koopmans assembled the hull in a month.

Saffier Se33 Life nominated for ‘European Boat of the year 2022’

After the Saffier Se37 and the Saffier Se27, this year the Saffier Se33 Life has been nominated for European boat of the year 2022. Last week, journalists from renowned sailing magazines announced the nominations. The shipyard in IJmuiden is working hard to make the prototype of the brand new Saffier Se33 Life ready to sail. […]

Koopmans Kasko’s starts building of the Sine Metu 41

In August 2021, the preparations for the construction of the Sine Metu 41 started at Koopmans Kasko’s in Sneek. The pre-cutted aluminium plates of this multi-chine sailing yacht arrived in the first week of September and the aluminium yacht will be assembled in the coming months. The Sine Metu 41 will have a retractable keel, […]

Saffier Yachts presents the new Saffier Se33 Life

The Dutch boatbuilder Saffier Yachts introduce a new 33 feet sailing yacht in the elegance range. We’re proud to be involved in the design and development of this new yacht. After the new Saffier Se37 and the Saffier Se27 the new Saffier Se33 will replace the existing 33ft. The key features of the new Saffier […]

Saffier Se27 / European Boat of the Year 2021

In the ‘Special Yachts’ category, the Saffier Se27 has been voted as ‘European Yacht of the Year 2021’. 19 boats were nominated in 5 categories and 3 boats were nominated in the ‘Special Yachts’ category. The awards have grown to include 12 judges from sailing magazines across Europe, each leading voices on boat testing in […]

Trials Saffier Se27 Leisure

March 21, we had the trials of the Saffier Se27 Leisure for the coast of IJmuiden. With a breeze of 20-25kts we sailed downwind with a speed of 15kts. The boat has passed the test well and last week the Saffier Se27 Leisure was tested by various sailing magazines. for the movie click here or […]