Charlotte for sale

In 2010, the Charlotte was launched and since then the yacht sailed hundreds of miles in Europe. The yacht is built in composite by Pijnen Jachtbouw in Tholen and is a nice compromise between classic lines and modern structure and lines beneath the waterline. Most of the miles were sailed solo and the Charlotte is […]


Update, April 2016

A long time we didn’t post any news on the website. And there was so much news, that we didn’t have time to make some articles. In the first months of 2016 we finished the designs of the two orion’s, which are built in Franeker. We also started the design of a 19 meter aluminium sailing […]


Start Construction Orion 49 by Alubouw Fryslan

In Franeker started Alubouw Fryslan ( the construction of the Orion 49. In a few weeks the construction of the second Orion 49 will also start. The second orion is different form the first boat. The hull, the rig and the keel are similar, but the interior and the deck are different.  


Nadine Göhring, an Industrial Designer

Nadine Göhring is a 24 years old student and she’s currently studying Industrial Design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Pforzheim. She’s doing her traineeship at Satellite Yacht design because she wants to learn the whole process of a sailboat designer. Besides she makes nice renderings and sketches for a few projects, she is making a […]


Fa Hai 950

In Shanghai, Trust Yachts is building the Fa Hai 950 at the moment. The Core hull and deck are almost finished and the next step is to laminate the outside hull and deck. The Fa Hai 950 will be built in carbon fibre.  


DF20 / Defender

Design Philosophie DF20 For the chinese lakes, we designed a 6.20m sailing boat, named DF20/Defender. The main purpose of the DF20 / Defender is for sailing lessons / sailboat rentals and group packages in the Chinese lakes. In addition, with an upgrade of the hardware, the rigging and possibly the keel, the boat will be […]

60ft /1900RS

Last July we got a new order for a 60ft aluminium sailing yacht. The project will be done for a dutch client and  the boat will be built in the Netherlands.